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Burning Man is a week-long annual event in the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada, described as an experiment in community, art, and radical self-expression.  It takes its name from the ritual burning of a large wooden effigy, which is set alight on Saturday evening.  
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Helpful Tips:
  • Plan & prepare -- Bring plenty of water, food, sun protection, layers of clothing (it'll be hot in the day and cool at night).
  • Costumes -- Don't be afraid to wear an outlandish, colorful, and/or revealing costume.  This is part of the fun & eclectic atmosphere that you'll only find at Burning Man.  Google Burning Man images to get ideas & inspiration.
  • Don't be a "sparkle pony" -- Someone who is unprepared and becomes a burden to other camps.  
  • Lights -- Make sure to bring and use lots of lights, both for expression and for safety at night (EL wire is most popular).
  • Fun -- Participate in experiences, have fun, express yourself!
  • Unplug -- Be prepared to be unplugged with no Internet or phone access and enjoy the freedom!
  • Give and receive -- Embrace the sharing community.
  • Leave no trace behind -- Take out every little thing you brought in with you. 
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