Burning Man is such a great adventure, but you don't want to go unprepared.  We put together the following guide to ensure you have all your needs met when you get out on the playa.
You'll find everything you need from sleeping bags to first aid kits to body paint.  Follow these suggestions and you'll be comfortable, prepared for emergencies, and ready for fun!
Note:  This list doesn't include some no-brainers such as:  Ticket, Photo ID, Water (1.5 gallons per person per day), Food, Sunscreen, Warm clothes, Sunglasses, & Duct Tape.
For information about getting tickets, transportation, and helpful tips, check out our Burning Man experience page.

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Shelter:  You're going to need a good shelter to deal with the chilly nights, hot sunny days, and dusty wind storms.
Tents:  Depending on how many people are in your party, you can get anywhere from a 1-person to a 5+ person tent.  The House offers a nice variety of options.  Must Have item.  Estimated Cost: $250
Food & Drink:  Along with shelter, making sure you have adequate food & water is absolutely imperative.
Coffee Press:  If you're a coffee junkie like we are, then you know you're going to need that daily cup o' joe to keep you going.  Nice to Have item.  Estimated Cost: $10
Protection:  You're definitely going to need protection from the sun, the wind, and the dust.  Make sure you bring plenty of sunscreen along with these items:
Dust Mask:  Along with the goggles, a dust mask is crucial.  The Breathe Healthy mask looks cool & will keep the dust out of your nose & mouth.  Must Have item.  Estimated Cost: $16
Comfort:  After your immediate needs of shelter, food, and protection are met, it's time to provide yourself with some comfort:
Sleeping Bag:  Besides your tent & shelter, your sleeping bag is the only thing keeping you from freezing to death at night.  The House has a nice selection of styles & prices.  Must Have item.  Estimated Cost: $110
Cots & Chairs:  After all the yoga, biking, wandering around, dancing, etc, you're going to want to have a place to just chill out.  That's when having a couple decent chairs will come in handy.  Probably Have item.  Estimated Cost: $42
Fun:  Of course you can't go to Burning Man and not focus on enjoying yourself and having fun.  Here are some items to help you get the most of your experience:
Morphsuits:  One of the coolest costumes is a morphsuit.  They come in all kinds of wild styles from checkers to solid colors.  Probably Have item.  Estimated Cost: $40
Blacklight Body Paint:  This is a great way to enliven your night life on the playa.  Probably Have item.  Estimated Cost: $10
Safety:  Here are some items that will be key for keeping you & your stuff safe:
Flashlight / Lantern:  This Eureka Glide flashlight / lantern combo is perfect for providing light in your tent or when you're walking around.  You might also want to bring EL Wire to keep you lit at night.  Must Have item.  Estimated Cost: $30
Portable Radio:  This Sony AM/FM Radio is perfect for tuning into the BMIR radio station for event info & updates.  Probably Have item.  Estimated Cost: $25
Bike Lock:  If you're bringing a bike with you, it would be a good idea to have a decent bike lock to keep it protected.  Probably Have item.  Estimated Cost: $12
Emergencies:  Hopefully you won't need these items, but you always want to be prepared just in case of an emergency.
First Aid Kit:  This 85-piece kit has everything you need to deal with minor cuts, scrapes, splinters, and burns.  Must Have item.  Estimated Cost: $16