Q.  How do you come up with your Rankings (i.e. Top Arenas, Restaurants, Pizza, etc)?
A.  We research the topics extremely thoroughly, diving deep into a variety of respected ranking sources.  Some examples of sources include MSN, Forbes, USAToday, NatGeo, HuffPost, Thrillist, & Reader's Digest.  We also take into account our own firsthand experiences and suggestions & tips from readers and friends.

Q.  What do the Ratings mean on each experience (i.e. Cost, Difficulty, Bliss)?
A.  We wanted to provide a way to give more context to each experience.  Each of the three ratings are on a 1-5 scale, with 1 being the lowest level and 5 being the highest.  
The Cost rating tries to take into account travel & accommodation expenses, so experiences in faraway places will cost more.  The Difficulty rating focuses mainly on physical difficulty (i.e. climbing a mountain), but it could also be the difficulty of getting access to an experience (i.e. Super Bowl).  And the Bliss Level tries to put a market on how blissed out or happy the experience will make you.

Q.  Do you have a newsletter?  What's the best way to get content updates?
A.  Why yes we do have an email newsletter!  You can sign up on our Newsletter page.  We typically send it out every 2 weeks, and we try to provide timely, inspiring, and useful content about having amazing life experiences.

Q.  Are you open to suggestions about experiences?
A.  Definitely!  If you've experienced any of these experiences first hand and have insider tips, please let us know.  You can send an email to, and also let us know if you're open to having your name or photo associated with your insider tips.

Q.  Do you have a Facebook, Twitter, etc page?
A.  Absolutely, and we love social media as a tool for interacting and providing additional content.  See our Contact Us page for all of our social media channels.

Q.  Do you get commissions on the products you recommend?
A.  We do get a small affiliate commission on many of our recommended products (although not all).  That said, we always try to provide the most relevant and highest quality products for each recommendation.  If you ever have any feedback (good or bad) on our recommendations, please let us know.
Have additional questions?  Please send us an email at  We look forward to hearing from you! 
Dylin Redling
Chief Experience Officer
Favorite Experiences:
- Exotic Locations
- Fun & Unusual Events
- Fine Dining
Allison Tom
Editor in Chief
Favorite Experiences:
- Comfort Foods
- Celebrations
- World Cities