Resources & Information:  
  • Informational Site:  Holi Festival
  • What is it?:  A spring festival (also known as "Festival of Colors") from ancient Hindu tradition as a celebration of "good over evil."  It starts with a bonfire where people gather, sing, and dance.  The next day is a free-for-all carnival of colors where people play, chase, and color each other with dry powder and colored water.  There are water balloons, music, singing, dancing, food & drinks.    
  • DatesMarch 12 - 13, 2017
  • Locations:  Primarily India & Nepal, as well as parts of Europe & North America
  • India:  There are many places to celebrate Holi in India - here are the Top 10.  The biggest celebration is at Mathura, four hours from Delhi.
  • Colors:  The beautiful colors include Red, Orange, Green, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Brown & Black.  Artisans produce & sell many of the colors in dry powder form created from natural materials like tumeric, flower extracts, sandalwood, tea leaves, and berries. 
  • Bhang:  An intoxicating ingredient made from cannibas leaves, it's mixed into drinks & sweets, and consumed by many of the festival participants.
Accommodations & Getting Around:
  • Planning -- You should start planning your trip at least 4-5 months in advance (September / October timeframe) - everything will be booked by end of December.   
  • All Options -- Look at all options including budget hotels, bed & breakfasts, vacation home rentals, and family & friends.  We suggest trying AirBnB,,, &
  • Getting Around -- Since traffic and parking will be a nightmare, try to take public transportation or walk if you're lucky enough to be close by. 
General Tips:
  • Must Haves -- Bottle of oil (coconut, sesame, or olive), Nail polish, Petroleum jelly, Eye protection (glasses, sunglasses, or goggles)
  • Protection -- Keep yourself safe from the colored powders and liquids.  Put cream on your face and oil your hair & body.  Paint your toe and finger nails with colored or transparent polish.  Use dental caps to protect your teeth from stains.   
  • Clothes -- Where clothes you don't mind completely ruining.  Cover your hair with a cap or hat.  Protect your eyes with glasses or goggles.  
  • Colors -- Try to always use natural materials.  If you buy them, try to find a reputable vendor that uses natural ingredients.
  • Have Fun! -- Dance with the locals, Eat & drink the local cuisine, & Embrace the culture! 
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