Best Nude Beaches in America:
  • Black's Beach (San Diego, CA):  Black's Beach is a popular beach for both nude sunbathers and surfers.  The surrounding cliffs make it a little tough to access the beach, but also provide some amazing views.  The surfing can be somewhat dangerous, but if you're skilled and adventurous, you can enjoy your surfing naked.  One TripAdvisor traveler said, “This is simply a stunning beach … all of us found Black’s Beach to be a very comfortable place to shed our clothes and inhibitions.” 
  • Little Beach (Maui, HI):  Maui is one of the most beautiful places in the world with stunning beaches throughout the island.  But if you’re looking to go bare, Little Beach is the spot for you, where hundreds of nudists flock each day.  You can enjoy being naked while you boogie board, surf, or just relax on the beach.     
  • Haulover Beach (Miami, FL):  Haulover Beach is part of a 99-acre urban park in metropolitan Miami.  It's a beautiful half-mile stretch of beach with white sand and great swimming.  The beach was sanctioned as "clothing-optional" in 1991 by a local naturist organization, and in 2009 even vied for a world record in skinny-dipping.
  • Baker Beach (San Francisco, CA):  Baker Beach is located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean about a half-mile from San Francisco's iconic Golden Gate Bridge.  It was part of the Presidio military base before being given to the National Park Service.  The southern end of the beach is just below the swanky Sea Cliff neighborhood and the northern part of the beach (closest to GG Bridge) is where you'll find all the nude sunbathers.  Enjoy the sun and the views, but don’t expect to get in the water, as the Pacific is seriously cold.
  • Gunnison Beach (Middletown, NJ):  Gunnison Beach was originally intended to house a fortification to protect New York Harbor.  It's now the best nude beach on the East Coast and located just a few miles south of New York City.  
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