What is Experiencify?

We created the name Experiencify as a combination of the word experience and the suffix -ify:
experience:  noun | ex-pe-ri-ence | ik-ˈspir-ē-ən(t)s | definition: (1) the process of doing and seeing things; (2) something personally encountered, undergone, or lived through
-ify:  suffix | definition: to make, cause to be, or render
By this definition, Experiencify is the process of creating life experiences.  Our goal is to provide you with inspiration, tips, and resources for having amazing life experiences!


The key to happiness isn't acquiring material items, but rather experiencing life, which defines us and stays with us.  Do you remember the Master Card "priceless" commercials?  You can use the card to buy baseball tickets, popcorn, and an autographed ball, but the experience you have being at the ballgame with your 11-year old son is priceless.
We want to help you find those priceless moments. What are those moments for you? Some people call it their "bucket list," others embrace the idea of #YOLO (You Only Live Once), and many others make New Years Resolutions to do amazing things.

What You’ll Find on Experiencify

mount-everest-89590_640We’ve created six main categories:  Travel & Adventure, Events & Celebrations, Food & Drink, Fitness Challenges, Arts & Entertainment, and Sporting Events.  Under these categories, we’ve put together information on hundreds of life experiences such as visiting Rome, climbing Mt. Everest, attending Burning Man, and going to the Super Bowl.
We’ve also provided ratings for each experience to give a sense of the cost, difficulty level, and bliss level.  For more on our rating system, check out our FAQ page.  And for additional inspiration, we have a Blog, a weekly Newsletter, and various social media pages (see Contact Us for a list)!

About Dylin

I’ve always had a desire to explore, to try new things, go to new places, meet new people, and discover new cultures.  It started way back at the age of 3, when I managed to slip out of our house in Southern California and was eventually found happily wandering around miles away.  This desire for adventure and exploration has continued throughout my life.
But it become even greater after surviving a near-death experience in 2009.  I came down with a severe case of pneumonia that put me in the hospital and the ICU for two weeks.  They had to induce a coma for a couple of days and insert a breathing tube for over a week.  At the worst moments, I saw the proverbial “white light” and saw my life flashing before me, and I very nearly didn’t make it.
tough mudder doneWhen the breathing tube was finally removed, the exhilaration of being alive was overwhelming.  Cheating death puts things into perspective and heightens all your perceptions -- colors are richer, food is more delicious, and the people you care about are more important.  Little things don’t bother you as much, and the world around you becomes more wondrous and less scary.
I created Experiencify to celebrate that sense of adventure, wonder, and excitement to be alive.  I may never do all the experiences on Experiencify or even a fraction of them, but I’m open to the possibility of every experience.  Hopefully we’ll provide you with some inspiration to be open to amazing new experiences as well!


About Allison

I’m very fortunate to share my experiences with my husband and co-partner, Dylin.  When we go on adventures together, the Project Manager in me plans out and maximizes every moment.  While this can sometimes be exhausting (for example, when we walked ~125 miles on our European trip recently), it also means we’re going to experience some amazing things!
I am a huge foodie, so I make sure Dylin and I get to indulge in culinary adventures as often as possible.  From fine dining at Per Se or French Laundry to hunting down every last “best of” comfort food joint in NYC, we love to experiment and try new cuisine.  I'm also a big sports fan, which means we get to go to lots of sporting events together, and Dylin doesn't have to retreat to a man cave to watch all his teams play!
Dylin Redling

Chief Experience Officer
Favorite Experiences:
- Exotic Locations
- Museums
- Fine Dining
Allison Tom

Favorite Experiences:
- Comfort Foods
- Major Pro Sports
- World Cities