9 Fun Things To Do Naked (Besides Sex)

9 Fun Things To Do Naked (Besides Sex)

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Naked, Nude, In the buff -- whatever you call it, not wearing clothes feels great. It’s the way we came into the world, and it’s the way nature intended us to be.
If being naked feels so wonderful, then why did we start wearing clothes? According to research, humans started wearing clothes about 170,000 years ago. Prior to that, we were naked for hundreds of thousands of years.
So why the sudden urge to clothe ourselves after all those years? Blame it on the weather. Ian Gilligan, of the School of Archaeology and Anthropology at The Australian National University, says:
“modern humans probably started wearing clothes on a regular basis to keep warm when they were first exposed to Ice Age conditions.”
Whether it's due to the climate, societal norms, or just comfort, we've evolved into a clothed society.
Fortunately, you can still find ways to enjoy being nude without getting into too much trouble or breaking too many taboos.

9 Fun Things To Do Naked

For many people, the only time they’re naked is when they’re showering or having sex. Why limit yourself? Here are 9 more amazing and fun things to do in your birthday suit:

1. Sunbathing

If you’re lucky to have a private patio, deck, or backyard, then you can sunbathe in the nude whenever you want. Even if you live in the city, you might be able to get away with nude sunbathing on your roof. Just watch out for helicopters and drones!

2. Skinny dipping

Who didn’t go skinny dipping at least once when they were a teenager? Whether it’s a lake, a pool, or the ocean, there’s no better feeling than floating in the water naked. It’s almost like being back in the womb.

3. Going to a nude beach

At a nude beach, you can sunbathe, swim, walk around, read a book, play volleyball, etc all while being naked with other fellow nude beach-goers.
I’ve been to four nude beaches from Hawaii to the Caribbean, and I’ve enjoyed the experience each time. My first was Little Beach in Maui many years ago. I remember seeing a lot of locals and thinking how lucky there were to have this experience any time they wanted.

4. Being in nature

Aside from a beach, there are a lot of other places in nature you could potentially be naked. There’s the forest, the desert, a meadow, or the mountains. Just be sure to watch for park rangers, unsuspecting hikers, and ticks!

5. Practicing Yoga

Naked yoga is actually a thing now. While there are a number of public naked yoga classes you can attend, you may want to start with a naked yoga home practice.
The nice thing about doing yoga naked is that you can really see and feel your form. Your clothes don’t get in the way of your poses - it’s just your body, the air, and your mat.

6. Sleeping

As long as I can remember, I’ve always preferred sleeping naked. It just feels too restrictive and uncomfortable to wear clothes. It turns out it’s not just about comfort. There are a number of studies showing that sleeping naked is actually much healthier for you.

7. Getting a massage

While many people leave their underwear on during massages, I can’t imagine getting a proper massage unless I’m naked. I love getting my lower back and glutes worked, and wearing underwear would just get in the way.
If you haven’t had a massage naked, don’t worry, licensed massage therapists make sure you’re always properly covered by a sheet or towel.

8. Getting a body treatment

If you’ve never had a body treatment, then you owe it to yourself to get one. They range from seaweed wraps to salt scrubs to mud treatments.
Unlike massages, it would be really hard and messy to do a body treatment with any clothing on, so just go ahead and get naked. Having your body covered in algae, seaweed, or mud sounds weird but feels pretty amazing.

9. Doing a nude run

This one is takes a little more courage. If you’re feeling bold, there are running events you can do in your birthday suit. For a rundown on the more popular runs, check out our Underwear & Nude Run page for ideas.

Bonus #10 - Snuggling and Making out

I excluded sex on this list, because pretty much everyone has sex naked. However, many people don’t spend enough time snuggling and making out with their partner while naked.
You don’t have to “go all the way” to enjoy the wonderful feeling of skin-to-skin contact. It’s well-documented that babies need this skin contact, so it would make sense that we all do no matter how old we are.

Final thoughts

One thing you’ll find is that if everyone else is naked, then you quickly lose your inhibitions and soon forget that you’re not wearing anything. It soon becomes natural and not a big deal.
If you’ve never tried being naked outside the privacy of your home, you owe it to yourself to give it a try. You may find the feeling to be wonderfully liberating! And just think how much you can save on clothing.
For more fun things to do naked, explore our Nude Adventures page!

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  1. Michael Paul Dispensa
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    Love being a nudist and exhibitionist always ever since 1983

  2. Paul Do
    | Reply

    My marriage partner in not a nudist, so I go out occasionally to get naked in nature. Hiking alone. Skinny-dipping at the public gym when I’m the only one in the pool.

  3. Bill
    | Reply

    Love it

  4. Ken R
    | Reply

    Besides the above list I love camping naked. Also bicycling, hiking, dancing, and more.

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